Araç Üstü Ekipmanlar


İncelediğiniz ürün; Araç Üstü Ekipmanlar
(Akaryakıt Tankeri)

Özellikler; Akaryakıt Tankeri

Araç Üstü Ekipmanlar
(Akaryakıt Tankeri)

*Tanker capacity between 5,000– 26,000
*Structure is made eliptical or cylindirical shape
*Tankers are made in several capacities for customer demand
*Possible to make divisions in required capacity
*Possible to make ban.ster
*Hose holders and tool box as standard
*Centrifugal pımp equipment
*ADR certificated equipment
*Electric installation
*Inner surface and outer surface ares shot blasted before painting

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